Mr Arun Iyer, Vice President, BFSI at Tech Mahindra – The role of digital technology in BFSI

On the 21st January, 2017 morning, Mr. Arun Iyer, an Alumnus of the 1996 batch visited the SIMSREE campus to speak about the role of Digital Technology in today’s BFSI sector, a topic which is very much trending in today’s industry.

Sir first established what the term ‘Digital’ means by emphasizing that it is not just  data expressed in terms of 0s and 1s which is the technical definition, but also the use of technology to make everyday life simpler, its purpose with respect to managing businesses, mainly revolving around delivering business va...

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Guest lecture by Mr. Kapil Khandelwal

 On 25th November 2016, the Alumni Committee organised a guest lecture by Mr. Kapil Khandelwal, an alumnus of the1994 batch on ‘Career Mapping After MBA’. Sir has over 25 years of an extensive and diverse career spanning across various sectors such as business management consulting, healthcare and life sciences. He is currently in the investment banking space and is the Director at EquNev Capital Pvt. Ltd. Sir is also an advisory, non executive board member with EquNev-K1t Capital Hedge Fund and a mentor to various organizations and forums.



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Guest Lecture with Mr. Navin Shetty

On 23rd October 2016, the Alumni Committee organised a guest lecture by Mr. Navin Shetty, an alumnus of the 1998 batch on ‘Digital Marketing in the Healthcare sector’. He has more than 20 years of experience in varied sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Manufacturing and Marketing Services and has worked in various functional areas such as Supply Chain, Strategy & Business Operations, Digital Marketing etc.

The session began with the importance of strategy, which he defined as a roadmap between the starting point of our present situation and t...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Saifuddin Kapasi

On the 5th of November, 2016, the Alumni Committee organized a guest lecture by Mr. Saifuddin Kapasi, an Alumnus of the 1985 batch on the topic “Evolve - Identify, Eliminate & Progress". Sir has a vast experience in the fields of telecommunications and is currently associated with Vodafone India Ltd. as the Head of Credit & Collections.

Sir began the session by sharing his learnings from Mr. Masai Imai’s teachings that if you keep doing things that you are doing, you will get the same results that you have been getting. He emphasized th...

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Guest Lecture with Mr. Ati Ranjan Kumar

On the afternoon of 17th September, 2016, Mr. Ati Ranjan Kumar visited the SIMSREE Campus to speak on a topic which has been a matter of great concern in recent times to the student fraternity, “The gap between the academic and corporate world”.

Sir began by saying that there is a huge “Talent Crunch” in the corporate world with 81% of the CEOs stating that their growth in future will be restrained by lack of people with sufficient technical and soft skills.This requires an urgent change in our study methods with equal emphasis on learning concepts ...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Saifuddin Kapasi

‘Identify, Eliminate and Progress’ by Mr. Saifuddin Kapasi


On the eve of 13th February, Mr. Kapasi, an alumnus of the 1985 batch, visited his alma mater to interact with the students of the current batch. Sir is currently the Head of Credit & Collections at Vodafone India Ltd. Sir has also worked at Mafatlal Finance Co. Ltd, and Standard Chartered Finance Ltd as the Regional Manager.


Sir explained the importance of change with a short story of a football player and a child. He emphasised on the line, ‘If you ke...

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Guest Lecture with Mr. Rohit Verma

On the evening of 27th January 2016, Mr. Rohit Verma, an alumnus of the 1997 batch, visited his alma mater to interact with the students of the current batch. Mr. Verma, currently the General Manager, IBM Resiliency Services at IBM India Pvt. Ltd., talked to the batch about Risk Management and Business Continuity Management in the corporate world, which is his field of expertise.


Sir began the session by talking about the changes in the college, and his journey as a student. He began the session by asking the students what they understood about Risk Managemen...

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An interview with Mr. Ravindra Datar, an alumnus of 1996 Batch

On the 12th of December, the Alumni Committee welcomed Mr. RavindraDatar, an alumnus of the 1996 batch, for a guest lecture to address the junior batch. Sir also interacted with the students in a one on one interview. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

With almost all major brands adopting digital marketing how does one brand have an edge over other in the digital arena?

The same information is available to everyone at the same time. The edge comes from the ability to analyze this information, capture this information fast enough, filtering this inform...

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Guest Lecture by Ms. Shraddha Khare

In today’s information age, the telecommunication industry has a vital role to play. Considered as the backbone of industrial and economic development, the industry has been aiding delivery of voice and data services at rapidly increasing speeds, and thus, has been revolutionizing human communication. With this, on 30th September, the Alumni Committee welcomed Ms. Shraddha Khare. Mam, an alumna of the 1994 batch, is the General Manager-Prepaid Operations at Idea Cellular. With over 12 years of experience in the telecom sector, the session revolved around the Te...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Vivek Bhatnagar

On the 4th of September, the Alumni Committee welcomed Mr. Vivek Bhatnagar, an alumnus of the 1994 batch, for a guest lecture to address the junior batch. Mr. Vivek Bhatnagar has more than two decades of experience in Sales and Marketing and is currently the General Manager at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.

The topic of discussion for the session was ‘Sales Channel’. Sir explained the concept of ‘Sales Channel’ by giving an analogy that sales channel is like a fluid flowing through pipes and that, size of the pipe, velocity of the fluid a...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Sachin Khandelwal

On 20th of August, 2015, Mr. Sachin Khandelwal, an alumnus of the 1992 batch, was welcomed by the Alumni Committee on campus for a guest lecture to address the junior batch. Mr. Sachin Khandelwal has over two decades of experience in the finance and banking industries and is currently the CEO and MD of Magma Housing Finance and Chief Sales Officer at Magma Fincorp.

Mr. Khandelwal started the lecture by stating the value of management education. Sir, then, opened the floor to questions and students came up with a variety of questions ranging from general questions related to the sylla...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Ramesh Mitragotri

"Sow a thought and you reap an act. Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny."

With this inspirational quote, Mr. Ramesh Mitragotri – An alumnus of 1986 batch- kick started the day with a fresh perspective.

Mr. Ramesh Mitragotri graced students with his presence at the SIMSREE campus, on the 25th of July at 9:30 am to deliver a guest lecture to the junior batch.

Mr. Mitragotri is the CHRO at Aditya Birla - Chemical division and has previously worked in Aditya Birla Retail.

Mr. Mitragotri e...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Albert Almeida

On 23th of July, 2015, Alumni Committee welcomed Mr. Albert Almeida (COO, Hungama Mobile)- an alumnus of the batch of 1989- on SIMSREE campus to address the new batch.

Mr. Almeida started the lecture by reminiscing about his two years at SIMSREE .A feeling of nostalgia took over him when he greeted eager students.

Mr. Almeida spoke about the importance of these two years and advised students spend this time wisely as these crucial years will never come back. Sir passionately spoke about his experiences in the college and about how he would do things differently given a chance ...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Malcom Athaide

At SIMSREE, continuing the tradition of guest lectures by eminent industry personalities, Mr. Malcolm Athaide addressed the first year students on Wednesday, 29th July. Mr. Athaide is the President & Chief Risk Officer: Business Banking, Retail Banking, Agriculture and Inclusive & Social Banking at Yes Bank and also an alumnus of 1995 batch. It was a great opportunity for students to interact with such an illustrious alumni.

Mr. Athaide started the lecture by explaining the importance of family and parents in life. He advised students to never neglect their parents and always...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Ashish Bhasin

"Devotion to duty determines your destiny"- An hour long exciting interaction with Mr. Ashish Bhasin-Alumnus of 1988 batch- kicked off with this inspirational quote, on the eve of 27th July 2015. The Alumni Committee was delighted to have Mr. Bhasin as a guest speaker during the induction of batch 2015-17.

A veteran in the advertising industry, sir started by walking students throgh his career journey. 

Having worked in the world of advertising, sir briefed students about the evolution of advertising in India and how rural consumer is important and&nbs...

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Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjay Behl

On 23rd July 2015, as part of the induction programme for the incoming batch of 2015-2017, the SIMSREE Alumni Committee was proud to host the Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjay Behl, one of the most illustrious Alumni of the 1993 batch. Having more than 20 years of experience in the field of Sales and Marketing with prestigious companies like HUL, Nokia and Reliance Communications, Mr Behl is now the CEO of Raymond Ltd.

Mr Behl enlightened the students by sharing thoughts on his own corporate life in the field of marketing. He started the session by speaking about the beginning o...

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Mr Nawzer Kerawala, Founder and CEO, Synergy Public Relations

On the 12th of March the Alumni Committee played host to one of our many illustrious alumni Mr Nawzer Kerawala, Founder and CEO, Synergy Public Relations. Mr Kerawala spoke on the topic Public relations: Creating reputation capital for clients.

Mr Kerawala began his talk reminiscing about his days at the Institute. “SIMSREE opened my eyes” he said recollecting the eminent faculty who taught him at the campus such as Mr Atul Tandon and Mr Harish Manvani. He appreciated the infrastructural growth that the Institute has taken since his days at the campus.

Beginning wi...

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Guest Lecture - Mr Rakesh Barik

On 26th Feb, 2015, SIMSREE welcomed to college Mr Rakesh Barik (MD, Delloite) along with Mr. Manu Singhla an alumnus from the batch of 2004.

Mr Barik insisted on an interactive session, asking students about their ideas of a consultant's role and clarifying the myths around it. He threw light on the pros and cons of consulting as a profession. “One can truly be in this profession only if one has the passion for the same. Consultancy is not a job, but a career, a lifestyle", he said. He drew a wonderful parallel between medical practitioners and the business of consulting. Just ...

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Guest Lecture - Ms. Divya Pathak

The Alumni Committee of SIMSREE was proud to welcome Ms. Divya Pathak, Director-Marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment, India for a guest lecture on the 27th of February, 2015

A veteran in the Media and Entertainment industry, Ms. Divya started the session by sharing with her experience at SIMSREE and her short stint of 2 months at SIFCO, her first job. Thereafter, she spoke about how she entered the movie marketing industry as an Account Director at JWT. It was a delight to hear about her rich experience of about 15 years in this industry which includes biggies like Walt Disney St...

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Guest Lecture - Mr Anupam Singhal

On 19th January, SIMSREE was honoured to have Mr. Anupam Singhal who is an Alumnus of 1993 batch. Mr. Singhal is the Vice President and ISU Head at TCS, Greater New York City.In TCS, Mr. Singhal has also worked as Client Relationship Director, Business Group Leader, Account Manager and Marketing and Product Manager.

He started the session by sharing his various experiences at SIMSREE. He elaborated how his learnings at SIMSREE had helped him progress in his work-life. The session was highly interactive where the students posed him questions about the challenges in IT field. He touche...

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